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Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video shine in the Broadcast and Post Production markets. Kramer Electronics products deliver the high value and outstanding performance demanded in signal management applications. The Sierra Video line of ultra-high-end routers is also renowned in the broadcast and production communities as a reliable and high-performance choice for even the most discerning professional.MobileKramer and Sierra Video offer numerous solutions for the unique needs of the Mobile Broadcast Production Truck market – most notably space and reliability. Kramer and Sierra Video have compact product solutions for the snug fit of a mobile application. Built to exacting standards to be both rugged and reliable, these products endure the vibration of constant travel and still perform flawlessly. The Kramer seven-year warranty is further evidence of our quality commitment.Post ProductionHigh quality and reliability. The post production market thrives on these attributes, as video is “mastered” for a client. Every frame must be perfect. Downtime and product glitches are unacceptable in this deadline-oriented market. Repeat clients are the mainstay of the business, and the high-quality performance and reliability of Kramer and Sierra Video products keeps clients coming back time after time.Studio and On-Air BroadcastingTV programming is often produced in a studio and sent quickly over satellite and cable distribution systems. Kramer and Sierra Video products used in-studio provide the highest possible image quality. Broadcasters know that these products can help deliver a crystal clear picture to their viewers’ homes.ENG and Remote ProductionA significant segment of the Broadcast and Production market, Electronic News Gathering and remote production require reliable and compact product solutions. Today’s 24-hour broadcasts on everything from news to education result in thousands of programs being created and delivered from the field. Kramer and Sierra Video meet the challenges of the field production market with highly reliable, high-performance, compact product solutions.Event VideographyToday’s technologies make capturing memories on video everlasting -- whether it’s a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a Sweet 16 party or a baby’s first steps. High Definition video will preserve crystal clear images of the events and digital storage technology allows those images to be distributed and stored for generations with that same level of quality. Kramer offers products for the event videography market, such as our world famous Kramer TOOLS™ compact solution products.


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