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– Dr. Joseph Kramer

It has been 30 years since I started Kramer Electronics. The company was founded to enter the video era with innovative products driven by professional customer needs.

Today, we have a line of over 1,000 products. Every one of them was developed through extensive R&D and customer feedback. This is what keeps Kramer Electronics ahead. Listening to, and acting on, customer feedback sets our products apart from others. We have built our reputation on this.

Our Mission Statement is: Kramer Electronics is committed to developing creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support. Following this philosophy guided us to celebrate our 28th anniversary in 2009, and by keeping our eyes on these goals we have successfully navigated often tumultuous industry waters throughout those 28 years. By continuing to follow this philosophy we will no doubt be successful for many years to come.

When our customers purchase our products, they know they are getting value for their money, with performance, reliability and quality. We have products in our line that have been in constant use for 20 years. We claim credit for technologies like automatic video noise gates, color processorscreen splitters, and high bandwidth CAT 5 products. We have pioneered powerful product lines like the ProScale™ Digital Scaler/Switchers that will endure for many years. All of these resulted from our insistence on uncompromising R&D and quality assurance at every step – from the actual invention, to the individual components used.

A personal connection with our customers is crucial to our success. We have offices all over the world able to serve the local market, with local support and expertise. Today, there are over one million Kramer Electronics products in use worldwide. Every two minutes, a Kramer product is sold somewhere around the world. Every product carries our personal guarantee and service commitment. Our team stands behind every product we sell – even years after it is installed. We now offer a seven-year warranty on all Kramer products, covering parts and labor.

Government, military, corporate, education, religion, transportation, hospitals, home cinema and retail markets rely on our technology every day. We enjoy these successes thanks both to the loyalty of our customers and to the Kramer customer commitment.

Our acquisition of Sierra Video in 2003 strengthened our leadership position, allowing us to bring more resources to our customers, and more complete solutions. Now we sit on the cusp of a migration to a digital world. There are more and more digital formats, and digital processing technologies pop up every day – DVI, HDMI, HDV, HD-SDI, SDI, MPEG and more. These technologies bring new challenges.

The world will keep changing. Kramer Electronics will master these challenges making the changes easier.



Commenced operations.


Opened European distribution facility.


Introduced the first PAL video processor with image enhancement and color control.


Patented several new technologies


Introduced the first combined video/audio processor.


Achieved 14 cover stories on new products in leading European video magazines.


Introduced the first PAL s-Video (YC) processors and DAs at the Photokina show.


Launched the Kramer VP product line - pioneering computer graphics conversion and distribution.


Implemented new Chip Technology in the Kramer Broadcast series of products.


The Broadcast series installed in five leading broadcast studios in Europe.


First company to develop high bandwidth TP (twisted-pair) products.


Opened US subsidiary.


Developed the markets fastest VGA graphics distribution amplifier.


Patented the Video Tester, a hand-held, battery operated, tester for video signal presence.


Patented Kramer TOOLS, which receive Readers Choice Award from Broadcast Engineering Magazine.


The VP-800, a VGA/XGA Color Bar Generator, receives the Pick Hit Award from Video System Magazine at the NAB show in Las Vegas.


Opened UK subsidiary. Finalist for the Manufacturer of the Year Award from AV Magazine in the UK.


Expanded product line to include Scalers, Scan Converters and Presentation Matrix Switchers.


Opened sales offices and warehouses in China.


Expanded product line with the introduction of Wall Plate Interfaces and accessories. Developed and introduced the extremely popular, ultra high performance, cost effective, ProScale™ Digital Scaler/Switchers.


Opened sales offices and warehouses in France, Australia and Singapore.


Acquired Sierra Video Systems, a leading provider of high-quality digital and analog audio and video equipment for the worldwide broadcast, post-production, presentation and professional video marketplaces.


Opened sales offices and warehouses in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Italy.


Celebrated 25th anniversary.


Product warranty extended to seven years on all new machines.


Opened offices in Sweden, South Korea, Germany, Poland and India.


Opened office in Canada.


Introduced SummitView™ Integrated Media/Room Control Systems.


Introduced Cobra™ High Resolution/Long Distance Twisted Pair Transmission Line of Products.


Introduced Kr-isp® Advanced Sync Processing, sync signal waveform restoration to ensure a wide range of computer compatibility.


Premiered first digital (HDMI, DVI) over fiber optic devices for long-distance digital transmission.


Introduced high-fidelity omnidirectional flat ceiling speakers for boardrooms.


Celebrated 30th Anniversary.


Introduced modular line of Digital Matrix Switchers.


Sierra Videos Aspen won Star Superior Technology Award at NAB show.


The Digital Step-in™ system won AV Award for Systems Product of the Year.


Opened offices in Switzerland, HK, Finland and New Zealand.


Kramer & ComQi signed global strategic partnership agreement for manufacturing and selling Media Distribution products.


RapidRun system added to Kramer’s Cable & Connectors line.


InfoComm honored Dr. Joseph Kramer with the 2013 Pioneer of AV Award.


Kramer Electronics won Manufacturer of the Year at AV Awards 2013.


The VP-771 Switcher/scaler won Systems Product of the Year at AV Awards 2013.


Kramer and Calibre joined forces to offer most comprehensive range of Scalers.


Opened office in Chile.