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In the business and corporate markets, presentation and training rooms are the foundation of the Pro A/V business. At its core, Pro A/V is about communicating a message to a large group. Whether in the boardroom or classroom or from a portable projector and laptop to a fully integrated, computer-controlled multi-media system, telling a story with audio and visual support is compelling. Kramer has solutions for virtually every signal management need in the presentation system and training room markets.Boardroom / Conference RoomCorporate boardrooms are the scenes of important decisions, policies and strategic direction. Conference room groups are the mainstay of meetings to implement the corporate missions that come down from the boardroom. A/V is an essential part of most decision-making processes in corporations, with participants bringing laptops to share analytical spreadsheets or graphic PowerPoint presentations on big screens. Kramer offers the audio, video and computer signal management products necessary to integrate seamlessly into any high-end boardroom or functional conference room. Sharing ideas is easy with an A/V system whose backbone is made up of Kramer products.Presentation and TrainingAfter the goals are determined and the strategy is set, the message is often carried to the rest of the company through training. Presentation and training rooms built with Kramer and Sierra Video products are seamless and easy to use. Kramer and Sierra Video help companies succeed in today’s challenging business markets through high-quality training equipment that helps employees enhance their skills – both on company business and A/V presentations. Command and ControlWhether it is a military war room, a central train or phone line switching station, command and control centers are usually built around a large video wall so workers can visualize the scene in real time. Command and control centers require exacting performance. Every component is critical to the command center. Kramer and Sierra Video products are made to the precise performance levels these critical applications require. Industry-leading warranties on Kramer and Sierra Video products provide the assurance necessary for this market.VideoconferencingVideoconferencing has become more viable and useful in the business environment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on travel, companies are turning to videoconferencing to meet “face to face” with clients, counterparts and colleagues. Kramer offers signal management products that are ideal for local signal distribution of a videoconferencing feed within a room or facility.Hospitality and ShowsThe lodging and convention industries often rely on A/V technologies to support, deliver or present the best message possible – both for their guests and during big events. You’ll find a myriad of A/V and signal management configurations in large and small hotels, and at tradeshows and conventions. The equipment helps companies deliver concise and impactful messages, as well as general show or facility information, to their audience. Kramer and Sierra Video offer reliable, value priced, high quality audio, visual and computer signal management and distribution equipment for the hospitality, convention and trade show markets.

  • HotelsWhether the equipment is permanently installed in the room or rented by the hotel , guests will find A/V support in nearly every hotel. Kramer and Sierra Video signal management and signal distribution products can meet virtually every need in these applications.
  • Tradeshows and ConventionsAt a booth, in a break-out session or at an information kiosk – that’s where A/V equipment resides in the convention and tradeshow market. From an elaborate booth video wall to a single TV presentation, companies share their messages with attendees. Behind the panels and under the rugs are networks of cables that bring the message to the screens. And behind it all is Kramer and Sierra Video, specializing in signal routing and control. Kramer and Sierra Video have the products necessary to deliver the important messages throughout these shows.
Health CareThe health care industry touches everyone’s life. Doctors and surgeons now have access to high-end technologies that make tests and surgeries less invasive and more accurate. Health care workers must have the best possible tools at their fingertips, and Kramer and Sierra Video products are designed with that quality and reliability in mind. The products will perform at the highest levels when it matters the most.

  • TelemedicineDiagnostic tools are invaluable to proper care, and sometimes, involving several specialists in a diagnosis is critical for a patient. Telemedicine has become a valuable tool in the diagnostic process, helping to get the information to various locations and transmitting the highest possible image quality. Kramer has the high quality distribution products necessary to ensure successful sharing of video images -- leading to the proper diagnosis, regardless of the doctor’s proximity to the patient.
  • Operating TheatersVideo has become an integral part of many surgical procedures, especially less invasive laparoscopic surgeries. Image quality is of utmost importance. Kramer’s signal management products provide reliable, high quality images patients and doctors a can count on when it really matters.
SecurityAudio and video in the security market is about distributing numerous images to a central monitoring station, sometimes over great distances. Kramer’s twisted pair receivers, transmitters, distribution amplifiers and switchers are ideal for sending images over great distances while preserving image quality. Kramer also offers automatic standby switchers that can be configured with triggers to switch inputs when an event occurs. Kramer’s high quality signal routing and switching products also meet the demanding needs of the security market.


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