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The exacting requirements of Government and Military applications include outstanding performance and unfailing reliability. Down time is not an option in these mission critical applications. Both Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video brands deliver the kind of standards these applications demand.Military“Mission critical” best describes most military applications. Every mission has an objective that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Kramer and Sierra Video products are built with the mission critical status in mind. The products can be counted on when everything is on the line. Kramer’s industry-leading warranties are proof of our commitment to our mission: satisfied customers.Legal/CourtsFrom providing audio reinforcement so every party can be properly heard throughout a large courtroom to compelling recreations intended to paint pictures of events for jurors, to recorded testimony and surveillance, A/V is an integral part of the court system. Kramer has numerous signal management and signal distribution products to help ensure that the highest quality images reach the courtroom audience. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video images and control systems that hold a person’s fate should be flawless.State and Local GovernmentState and local government are filled with as many agencies and service providers as A/V requirements. From basic field production to presentations systems, Kramer and Sierra Video offer the audio, video and computer signal management equipment necessary to meet almost any need.


kramer in the blue tower

kramer and sierra video respond to emergency center

pensacola naval air station soars with kramer electronics and sierra video systems

the 16th iberoamericana summit meeting uses kramer products

kramer marches the red square

big in taiwan

sierra patrol

kramer k−touch touches worldwide visitors at ellis island