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Kramer Electronics Products: More Reliable than the Weather

Kramer Electronics Products: More Reliable than the Weather

When southern California winds are blowing and threatening severe weather or wildfires, a meteorology center provides an early−warning resource for potential weather emergencies and power outages.

Created by local professional audio/video installer Hancock Video Engineering Services and H&H System Integration, the meteorology center features a high−tech weather room designed to help anticipate storms. The room was devised for viewing key locations and weather information on big screen displays throughout the room, with switching done seamlessly using a Kramer Electronics CORE™ VS−1616D modular switcher. The switcher manages video, weather maps and graphics from 13 different sources − − four HDTV receivers, four PCs, four laptop computers and a BluRay DVD player. The signal is sent to six flat screen monitors, ranging in size from 42− to 60−inches.

The Kramer VS−1616D switcher offers a modular configuration, allowing room for expansion with the simple addition of a modular card. The meteorology center’s system uses a 16x16 chassis with six input cards and three output cards. More inputs and outputs can easily be added as needed. The switcher also can accept and process any mix of professional AV signals – analog or digital video over copper, fiber or twisted pair – all in the same chassis.

According to Jim Hancock, president of Hancock Video Engineering Services, the Kramer switcher’s technology and flexibility were the primary reasons he chose it for this system. “We started out using an 8x8 switcher from another manufacturer, but after only a few months, the center required more inputs,” Hancock said. “We exchanged the smaller unit with the Kramer VS−1616D. It handles the HDCP protocol better than other switchers, and provides plenty of room for future expansion.”

The meteorology center’s system also uses a Sierra Video RGBHV 8x8 matrix switcher for analog VGA. Kramer 50−foot flat HDMI cables addressed the challenge of cabling through walls, as well as that of splitting the signal to the router and the displays.

Weather briefings and ongoing weather monitoring from three desk stations occur daily in the meteorology center. The Kramer switcher reliably plays a leading role in managing information about unpredictable weather events and help keep southern California residents safe.

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