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Kramer is continually developing new courseware, resource material and online/VTC training solutions. Check our Web site for a list of upcoming Kramer Academy courses.  You can also contact your local Kramer office today to discuss and schedule your Kramer AV Academy training with our training professionals.


To provide relevant and topical training and education on key industry concepts, technologies and techniques that provide students with the comprehensive knowledge base necessary to succeed in the AV marketplace.

Flexible Scheduling and Location Options

We don't only provide education at our facilities, we can come to your location for on-site training. We also run regional classes that are convenient to attend. Wherever there is an audience, we stand ready to examine the possibility of coming and providing training services.


Kramer Academy also offers Web based training. Whether it is just not possible to get everyone together, or if online training is an important part of your educational programs, Kramer can provide you the online Web based training you need. Any of our long-form programs can be condensed into a webinar or series of webinars.

Kramer helps you Learn to Earn

In our effort to offer the most comprehensive education and training programs at the highest level of quality, we have made a significant investment in all our technical and sales personnel. All of Kramer Electronics' field sales and sales support personnel have been trained in our "Pillars and Keystones” program that teaches our representatives to be highly effective presenters. Whoever successfully completes this program is authorized to teach classes that offer InfoComm CTS renewal units, AIA CES learning units and both NSCA EST and NSCA Certificate of Completion learning units. Every manufacturer seeks the valuable time of its customers to present its products. Kramer differentiates itself by additionally offering educational material that carries tangible InfoComm CTS renewal units. Every visit can bring real value to your office as your people Learn to Earn with Kramer. All our offerings can be condensed into Lunch & Learn sessions. Any 2 hour or 3 hour seminar can be condensed to a shorter presentation or a shorter series of presentations. Just ask any Kramer representative.