Rental and Staging



Rental and Staging
When the event is important but will happen only once -- such as concerts, corporate business meetings, or industry conferences – they are produced as live events. These productions often utilize rented equipment, which has become a large portion of the A/V market. Kramer and Sierra Video offer the products necessary to get the job done while leA/Ving a lasting impression.RentalA single event or one-time production rarely justifies purchase and capitalization of new equipment, so producers often turn to rental. Kramer and Sierra Video offer a wide range of equipment to meet a great variety of audio, video and signal management needs. Equipment rental companies are looking for efficiency and variety, making Kramer and Sierra Video an attractive single source that can meet most needs. Kramer and Sierra Video products are rugged and reliable to handle the rigors of continued shipping and use. Kramer’s industry- leading warranties ensure that for our users.Live EventWhen it is happening live, there is no room for error. Whether for an awards show on TV or a corporate sales meeting, producers count on Kramer and Sierra Video products to perform reliably at the highest levels. When your performance counts, you can count on the performance of Kramer and Sierra Video products.


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