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Sleek New Conference Facility Relies on Kramer Modular Solutions

Sleek New Conference Facility Relies on Kramer Modular Solutions

Presenters and visitors to the headquarters of a major Texas energy provider might have to look twice to find their electronics support systems in the company’s new conference facility.    At first glance, the conference, training and meeting rooms offer a sleek, minimalist finish, but the state−of−the−art electronics systems appear at the touch of a button for easy interaction.  More than 100 rooms have built−in connections for computers, mobile devices and presentation sources that can be found in low−lying cubicles, or “table boxes.”  When in use, the system’s lid tilts up to reveal the Kramer Electronics TBUS−6xl modular system.

Cody Stine, project manager at Ford AV, a professional audio/video systems integrator in Austin, said the Kramer system made the difference in the installation.  “The Kramer TBUS−6xl provided a huge benefit for this job.  The modular system’s tilt−up lid allowed us to mount everything low inside the box, and it can feed all sources to the system,” Stine said.  “It also saved the client quite a bit of money.”

The Kramer TBUS−6xl is configured with the T6F09 inner frame that offers up to nine individual plates for sources.  Ideal for presentation applications in boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, training facilities, lecterns and lab tables, the complete TBUS system requires the enclosure, inner frame, power socket, inserts and a power cord.   The customized configuration provides front−end ports for VGA and audio, two HDMI connections, a USB port and four network connectors.  These carry signals through the system’s transmitters and switching devices to the presentation displays throughout the rooms.  

Ford AV worked with Kramer Electronics to develop customized insert plates specifically for the client’s needs.  Kramer configured the plates, labeled the inputs and assigned the room number before shipping the TBUS products to Ford AV.  “Everything came pre−loaded and we just had to drop it in each room’s TBUS box,” Stine said.  “Having them pre−assembled was a great benefit for everybody.  Since the audio/video team is usually the last one to get into a facility, we make up for everyone’s lost time throughout the building project.  This helped us to meet the project deadline.”

Ford AV designed 20 different configurations and installed 106 rooms that all included a table box with the Kramer TBUS−6xl.   The multi−purpose room has the ability to conference in the other rooms in the building and, since the rooms are all on the same network, Stine says they can communicate with each other. 

After a month−long on−site training by Ford AV, the company’s employees are experts in system operation.  Now, their audio/video presentations and training sessions are seamless, from the touch of a button to the tilt of the Kramer TBUS.  

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