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VIA Connect Pro Firmware

Version: 3.0.1120.1160 


** This version can be applied ONLY to a unit running FW version 2.3.0418.960 or higher. If you are running a lower version, please install the 2.3.0418.960 release before updating your device to this version. Previous versions are available under SUPPORT/Software Firmware Updates >DOWNLOADS SEARCH *** VIA firmware files are password protected ZIP files. It is NOT necessary to unzip the file first — please upload the encrypted file. ± The first generation Connect PRO devices (based on FC20 FW - manufactured before December 2016 - Kramer serial numbers starting 1116xxx and lower) will NOT get any FW update for 3.0. These devices should remain on 2.6 FW version and must be managed only by the 2.6 VSM version.


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