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DTV GameControl Puts Sierra Video in the Line−Up

DTV GameControl Puts Sierra Video in the Line−Up DTV GameControl Puts Sierra Video in the Line−Up DTV GameControl Puts Sierra Video in the Line−Up

When Florida−based LeeRoy Selmon’s sports restaurant decided to simplify its complex routing and switching system for its hundreds of television displays, they chose easy−to−use software that would work with their existing hardware to control the signals.

A Sierra Video switcher handles the various inputs and signal routing to multiple displays throughout the large complex.  Source inputs include satellite TV, cable, DTV or DVD players, all housed in a rack system in a control room separate from the main restaurant area.  The switcher maintains the digital picture quality even on the longest cable run.  A DTV GameControl software application allows the restaurant to control the switching of any source to any display from an iPad anywhere on the premises. 

DTV GameControl  recently added a driver designed to work specifically with Sierra Video Matrix switchers.  The DTV GameControl software starts with a floor plan of television placement and allows intuitive selection of multiple games on multiple televisions using the iPad touch−screen. In addition, the system offers the ability to control audio, lighting and on/off sequences from the iPad.

“DTV GameControl coupled with Sierra Video switchers provide an advanced level of control for sports venues, and we’re excited to have created a driver that complements the Sierra Video protocol,” said Wally Wood, chief systems level designer at DTV GameControl.  “The added benefit is that the driver will update when a change is made to the hardware – that’s something a lot of systems can’t do.”

Wood went on to say that the importance of the driver for the Sierra Video brand switcher was paramount for their company.  “The popularity and performance of the Sierra Video product will open up many doors for use of the DTV GameControl.  Its outstanding video quality could not be a better showcase for our control system.” 

The LeeRoy Selmon’s eight sports restaurants in Florida are a tribute to the late Lee Roy Selmon, the first Tampa Bay Buccaneer in the Football Hall of Fame.  Currently, two of the restaurants have systems featuring Sierra Video products and DTV GameControl  software.

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