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Kramer Transmitters/Receivers Keep Lines Open at AT&T

Kramer Transmitters/Receivers Keep Lines Open at AT&T Kramer Transmitters/Receivers Keep Lines Open at AT&T Kramer Transmitters/Receivers Keep Lines Open at AT&T Kramer Transmitters/Receivers Keep Lines Open at AT&T

Guests at AT&T retail locations can relax and browse the store while keeping their spot in line, or they can expedite bill-paying or service questions with the touch of a button. AT&T’s new Retail Sales Queing (RSQ) is designed to manage customer flow and provide a more satisfying service experience.

Over 300 AT&T retail locations have been equipped with technology that will make the most of visitors’ time in the store. Powered by the Kramer Electronics TP-112HD twisted pair transmitter and PT-120 twisted pair receiver, the RSQ system keeps track of the guest’s arrival time and position in line. Guests can see their positions on the 46-inch LED displays hanging in the store, and can feel comfortable shopping or learning about AT&T products while waiting for service.

Upon arrival, customers either enter their name and mobile phone numbers into a self-service Retail Sales Kiosk (RSK) at the store’s entrance, or a representative does it for them. The Kramer unit transmits the data via twisted pair cabling from a web-based enabled PC. The graphics are then sent to the Kramer receiver and displayed on a flat screen monitor on the sales floor, where customers can see the data. Twisted pair cabling and Kramer’s transmitter/receiver pairs allow the PC to be conveniently stored in an IT closet, resulting in a sleek, minimal look at the kiosk or service desk.

“We chose the Kramer product for its flexibility, adjustability, and technology,” said Tim Johnson, manager of Strategic Innovation and Prototypes at AT&T Services, Consumer IT division. “The transmitter/receivers are a robust combination that can handle the retail atmosphere.”

Johnson, a former audio/video integrator, knew the Kramer product would meet the exacting standards of the varied in-store environments. The connections on the transmitter/receivers allow signal transmission to more than one screen – a requirement for many of the stores. In addition, the product reproduces sharp, clear picture quality no matter what the length of the cable run. While the average length is about 50 feet, some environments required up to 200 feet of cable.The Kramer product was distributed through Norcross, GA-based IT reseller ProSys, and installed by local technicians in each market.

“The product would also be installed by hundreds of different technicians across the country, so the learning curve needed to be short,” Johnson said. “Any technical issues were handled quickly by the Kramer staff. I was comfortable knowing they would resolve anything reliably and efficiently.”

The RSQ systems also provide AT&T stores with important data on customer service. Managers can identify store traffic patterns and customer wait times. They can review customer needs in advance, be prepared, and adjust resources as necessary. From a guest perspective, the system makes store visits more efficient. For example, bill-paying can be done right at the kiosk, and service questions are referred immediately to a designated area. Guests in the que always have a clear view of their status.

AT&T is scheduled to roll the RSQ system out to its remaining stores this year, keeping the lines open for a pleasant shopping experience.

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