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Churches Flocking to High-Tech Media

Shepherd Multimedia and Kramer Scalers Open Field to the Religion Market

Churches Flocking to High-Tech Media

Theology is colliding with technology in today’s religion market, and Kramer Electronics is providing the cost-effective, versatile product for church installations.

Churches are now reaching their congregations through high-tech multi-media systems. Song lyrics, sermons and Bible passages are projected on multiple monitors, and services can be televised to other areas within the building, such as lobbies, nurseries and hallways. The Kramer ProScale™ Digital Scaler/Switchers make it possible to get the same clear, high-resolution picture on every monitor, regardless of location. The scalers also allow various media sources to tie into one control box and seamlessly switch to all the inputs.

“Many churches now consider projection systems as important as computers – they are an integral part of the building,” said Josh Lyon, media consultant at Shepherd Multimedia, a professional electronics installer focusing on the religion market. “The Kramer ProScale products have opened up a whole new world to them, because they are extremely versatile, and economically priced. They get a $50,000 capability at a fraction of the price. ”

The VP-719DS, as well as all the Kramer ProScale Digital Scaler/Switchers, are true multi-standard video to RGBHV scalers. They are also glitch-free switchers, an important consideration in houses of worship. Glitch-free fade-thru-black switching found in the ProScale Digital Scaler/Switcher line up ensures that video images support the service, not distract from it.

The scalers output native-resolution video for LCD, DLP and plasma displays and allow scaling of standard graphics or video resolution to any of the supported output resolutions. The units can be controlled via front panel touch keys, infrared remote control and RS-232, giving churches easy command over their system.

Clint Hoffman, vice president of marketing at Kramer Electronics, reinforces the company’s value commitment. “Our mission is to provide the highest quality product at the best value in every market. This belief has really had an impact in the religion market, allowing budget-conscious churches to have outstanding systems,” he said.

The explosive double-digit growth of the religion market over the last five years has demonstrated that multi-media systems are now more a necessity than a luxury for most churches. While the bigger business is installing systems in existing structures, new churches are incorporating electronics into the basic plan. “The multi-media systems are as automatic as electricity and carpet,” said Shepherd Multimedia’s Lyon.

Shepherd Multimedia works with the churches to determine system needs, sometimes over a period of years before the system is actually installed. The integrator also provides follow-up service and technical support for the life of the system.

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