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Home Entertainment at the K−Touch of a Button

Home Entertainment at the K−Touch of a Button Home Entertainment at the K−Touch of a Button

When a Scotch Plains, NJ, homeowner wanted the latest convenience for automating his home theater room, his audio/video installer provided the professional touch:  K−Touch.

The high−tech home theater room showcases five displays – one 60−inch projector surrounded by four 40−inch flat screen monitors.  Behind the scenes, video and audio sources include a Wii gaming system, four DirecTV receivers, cable box, CD player, DVD player, and Apple TV, all routed through an 8x8 matrix switcher.   The Kramer Electronics SL−10 and SL−12 controllers provide necessary inputs and outputs for the current system, plus allow room to add future sources.  The controllers offer Ethernet capability, bi−directional RS−232, IR controls, along with a number of other inputs and outputs. 

According to professional A/V systems integrator Steve Rescigno of Roma Technology, the system was fully customized using the Kramer K−Touch Application.  “The Kramer controllers give a broad range of options and allow for full customizability,” he said.  “Add the K−Touch App, and you have some really, really cool stuff − − great for home owners, as well as businesses who might utilize the equipment in conference rooms or interactive offices.”

The controllers and the simple, intuitive K−Touch App allow for any combination of source material on any and all displays at the same time.  “If you’re a football fan, imagine having your own ‘game zone.’  Instead of a bunch of little images on one screen, I can comfortably follow multiple games with the ability to move games around onto the bigger screen,” Rescigno said. 

A cloud−based system, the K−Touch App allows easy room control that communicates over standard IT networks with iOS or Android touch devices.  A touch−based room control system can be designed using the Cloud screen designer.  The free App is available in the App Store and Google Play.

During the installation of the home theater system in Scotch Plains, Rescigno wired the sources and switchers, but experienced some challenges.  He credits the Kramer Electronics team for helping him develop the RS−232 syntax for some of the home’s equipment that was not already compatible with the controllers. 

Rescigno says the system has met the homeowner’s goals of having everything controlled by a single app.  Not only does the app control the electronic equipment, but it also will dim the lights on command.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy home theater the K−Touch way.    

View the video Steve Rescigno made of his K−Touch installation here.

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