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VIA Collage Firmware

Version: 2.1.0217.842 


Size: 436521KB

Release Notes: via_collage_release_notes_12159

Important: Please read these release notes before installing the firmware/software


Please note that you must register your VIA device(s) in order to download the VIA 2.0 firmware upgrade and all firmware upgrades moving forward. Beginning with this upgrade and as outlined on all product pages, Kramer will support and service the VIA software for a 1-year period, starting from August 15th, 2016 (for all existing VIA devices purchased prior to this date) or starting from the date of purchase (for all devices purchased after this date). Purchasing an extended warranty is necessary for any service and upgrades beyond the initial year. All upgrades issued prior to firmware 2.0 were made by Kramer in good faith as a way thanking customers for their early adoption of VIA.

By agreeing to this policy you are entitled to download and install VIA firmware 2.0. Continued use of all prior VIA versions is available without agreeing to this policy.

Please login or register to register your VIA product/s and download the latest firmware.



Older Versions

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 2.0.0916.788

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 2.0.0716.774

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1.9.0316.684

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1.8.0116.644

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1.8.1215.643

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1.7.0815.568

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1.7.0715.558

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1-6-0215-332

VIA Collage Firmware Version: 1-5-1214-250


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